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The Ecosmart 22.9 has all the benefits of a static unit with the flexibility of a towable site cabin. Featuring a large construction site canteen with comfortable bench seating for up to 12 people, separate toilet, drying room and office space that can fit 3 individuals; this towable site office for sale is the perfect addition to any site.
Large canteen and bench seating for 12
Large office space for 3
Separate toilet and drying room
Unique hydraulic axles for setup in 45 seconds
Upgrade with ‘Air’ efficient diesel heating system
USB charging points
Easy to wipe clean surfaces

The Ecosmart 22.9 is the latest development in sustainable onsite towable welfare units. This modern cabin has been designed with building sites in mind and features a fitted table with bench seating for up to 12 people, as well as running hot water, a heating system, a microwave and a kettle. If you are looking to buy a 22ft mobile welfare unit that is easy to keep clean and tidy, look no further: the Ecosmart 22.9 is the perfect solution. Its stainless steel worktops, sinks and seamless high-gloss wall surfaces means that it is easily maintained and kept to a high standard of cleanliness. This large towable unit provides a functional and practical office space to run the construction site from, and the drying room provides a great space for workers. The 22ft mobile welfare unit provides you with everything you could possibly need on a construction site to keep your staff feeling completely comfortable throughout the course of the project.

The Ecosmart 22.9 has a host of environmentally sensitive features, including PIR-activated lighting that helps to cut down on energy use and cost. We have truly considered each and every aspect of the design of this towable welfare unit, ensuring that it fulfils the demands of a busy site, while still remaining extremely convenient and cost-effective.

Why Choose Us For Towable Welfare Units?

Here at Easy Cabin, we offer high-quality mobile welfare units that utilise modern technology and offer a practical solution to welfare on-site. Our industry knowledge provides us with the ability to offer in-depth advice and guidance on which construction site canteen and towable office is most suited to your needs. We will also be on hand to provide you with any information you require after purchasing your Ecosmart 22.9 welfare site cabin, so when you choose us you will never be left in the dark.

For more information about our towable site offices for sale, please contact us on 01582 297253 for more information. Alternatively, you can get in touch via our contact us page here.

Unladen weight
Gross weight

W 2530
L 6979
H 2870

Dimensions (mm)
Quick & easy setup(2)
Without generator(1)
Without generator(1)
Available layouts

Explore further information on the layout and specification of our towable welfare units below:

Open plan

Bench seating for 12

Separate office for 3

Separate drying room & toilet


Seating for 16

Separate drying room & toilet


Seating for 10

Separate large office

Separate drying room & toilet



  • Lightweight easy to tow
  • Soft cushioning hydraulic system
  • Balanced loading with generator in the front, for better towing
  • 14” wheels with the possibility, in the event of a puncture, to change at the side of the road with ease
  • Road lights and number plate holder built in, no need for a tailboard to be fitted
  • Accidental collisions can occur, however our corners are designed to absorb impact and are easily maintained


  • Fully-insulated wall and roof system with no cold bridging
  • LED lighting & hot water without the need for the generator running all day
  • Low noise pollution
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Automatic generator timed shut off for unnecessary fuel usage
  • Timer heating controls (“Air” heating upgrade)
  • Heating usage without the generator operating (standard or “Air”)


  • Easy-to-use canteen facilities: kettle & microwave
  • Extra-LARGE & comfortable seating area
  • Large office space for 3 persons
  • Warm water washing facilities
  • Recirculating toilet
  • Forearm wash basin
  • All interior and exterior surfaces are tough, durable and wipe-clean
  • Spacious drying room with hanging-clothes facility

Security & Safety

  • Dual heavy-duty locking system per door
  • Robust galvanised exterior with high impact resistance
  • Unique hydraulic system for setup in 45 seconds

Constructed from unique patented (2448660) high-strength composite panels. Galvanised steel exterior, seamless GRP interior and high-density foam insulation, provides rust free and washable surfaces.


Seamless insulated composite panel.


15mm plywood with slip and wear resistant phenolic coating.


195R 14” Low profile wheels & tyres.


Heavy duty galvanised steel.


Electric type approved hydraulic axle.


4 x high security composite doors with 2 deadlocks. Double doors to generator with 2 deadlocks.


Aluminium with security door locked internally with thumb turn deadlock.


Built-in road lights with removable number plate brackets.


Gross weight 3000Kg - Unladen weight ONLY 2733Kg

Running stats

  • 6h
    Without generator(1)
  • 4h
    Without generator(1)

Energy savings - Compared to a standard 6Kva system

All our figures are calculated based on REAL- LIFE daily usage, taking into account using the appliances & heating in wintertime and summertime. A full energy presentation is available on request.

Based on 10 hours per day for 260 days, 80 days in winter mode and 180 days in summer mode. Each day is a typical usage day. 16 Persons accommodated. £1.70p per litre Diesel / HVO. £60 per H2 Bottle..
Solar panels achieve maximum output in direct sunlight, but they work in normal daylight and cloudy weather too. The amount of power a solar panel or charging kit generates in cloudy weather will be lower compared to direct sunlight. Also the positioning of the cabin will affect the solar charging of the batteries i.e. under trees, etc. This assessment doesn’t take in consideration the usage of the hydraulics. This assessment is guidance only.

Increase efficiency with ‘Air’ Diesel heating upgrade

Energy efficient diesel heating upgrade.
Costs, Fuel consumption, Emissions, Noise.
battery monitor.

‘Air’ – a diesel heating system that saves energy, reduces carbon emissions and noise compared to our standard heating. Up to 78% better fuel economy.

  • MORE WARMTH: More heat produced from less energy.
  • AUTOMATIC: Thermostatic control for continuous cabin temperature.
  • EASY: Just turn the system on and enjoy.
  • EFFICIENT: Low fuel and power consumption, suitable for long periods of operation.
  • QUICK: Short heating-up times.
  • QUIET: No need for the generator to be on for heat to be produced.
  • ALSO INCLUDED: Upgraded batteries, battery monitor, 12v USB charge sockets.
  • SAVE MONEY ON OPERATING COSTS (compared to standard heating)
  • STANDARD HEATING: Heating on with generator running @ 75% load = 1.2 litres per hour
  • ‘Air’ HEATING: Heating on max = 0.28 litres per hour (Saving of 0.92 litres per hour)
  • UPGRADED BATTERY: Gives more continuous LED lighting time (es12 = 10 hours, es16 = 8 hours)

Up to 78% better fuel economy for the same heating time

Contact EasyCabin for details on the ‘Air’ heating system.

As standard: HVO diesel compatible heating & power


Harvest the sun's FREE energy with solar panels


Ecosmart ZERO. Large solar panels + Backup hydrogen fuel cell = NO local CO2 emissions


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As part of our ongoing commitment to improvement we reserve the right to alter specifications, designs or figures without prior notice. All dimensions and weights are approximate.

(1) Figures quoted based on “optimum use”, with the generator not running, no appliances used & no hydraulics used within the stated time period.

(2) While in un-hitched state, timed from the start of the axle retract sequence, until the unit is seated and the cabin door is opened.