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Zero Distruption

Many UK hire firms now have a fleet of welfare units as demand for on-site welfare facilities continues to increase.

With rising propensity to provide welfare provisions or security services throughout the night, contractors have become concerned that noise from generators may lead to complaints from residents in urban areas or other noise sensitive environments.

AJC EasyCabin has developed a solution that will alleviate noise and emission pollution, whilst continuing to provide safe electricity.

The EasyCabin Silent Site is incorporated into the electrical system of a standard welfare or security cabin. When the operator selects ‘Night Mode’ the

power is automatically transferred to high powered batteries that provide off grid standard electricity, continuously, for up to 12 hours of fully functioning welfare facilities*.

The principal benefits for the operator is that the Silent Site is totally silent, expels zero emissions and uses no fuel, this means a Silent Site can help an operator complete their environmental audit. When the night shift finishes, the on-board generator will recharge the batteries ready for the next one.

The Silent Site can be fitted into any EasyCabin unit.

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As part of our on-going commitment to improvement we reserve the right to alter specifications, designs or figures, without prior notice. All dimensions and weights are approximate.

(*) Figures quoted based on “normal use”: PIR lights on, microwave used for 20mins full power, kettle boiled 3 times from cold, 'Air' diesel heating on.