Sustainable power is easy.
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Responsive, modular battery bank storage, expandable to suit large & small sites.
Scale-up your power storage potential with our high capacity battery bank. Store and manage power from multiple sources.

A Power Pod will:

Store ANY incoming power from solar panels, power grid or generator.
Reduce fuel costs.
Reduce harmful emissions.
No complicated electrical installation required.

The Power Pod battery bank storage boxes reduce carbon emissions and fuel costs associated with power provision by storing energy to provide offline power to your site. Energy can be safely stored from multiple sources and channelled to where it’s needed automatically when demand is high, helping to improve efficiency.

Our Power Pod battery bank has been designed to be modular and plug ‘n’ play. Simply insert the Power Pod unit in between your grid power and your units, if you require more storage then you can also install more battery banks. The integrated Autosmart system ensures that all the end-user needs to do is simply switch the Power Pod on and use it.

There are 3 model options with various power outputs and storage capacities, ideal for all site requirements. For large site set ups, multiple Power Pods can be used to increase the battery back storage capacity. Modularise the site into segments to maximise the performance of each Power Pod. The Power Pod is designed to work in harmony with other EasyCabin products to increase efficiency further.

Adding a Solar Power Pod into the chain will allow solar energy to be stored in the Power Pod battery bank, by effectively increasing the power storage potential of the Solar Pod. The Power Pod has the capability to control the Solar Pod’s integral backup generator to charge and meet power demands.

Adding the Power Pod to a Solar Smart Panel installation allows solar storage when demands are low and lowers dependence on the grid or other backup power generators.

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powerpod battery bank powerpod battery bank powerpod battery bank

The Power Pod System

Use batteries as your primary power source. Collect & manage power from multiple sources.

  • Modular system, designed to work with various power sources.
  • Plug and play operation, easy to install on any site.
  • Further scale your site with Plug-in temporary Solar Smart panels.
  • When Local power grid is available, plug it into the Power pods remove the need for generators and use only Solar & Grid in the most efficient way possible.

Auto-switching power management = High efficiency

  • Highly efficient power switching ensures battery power is the primary power supply.
  • Protect your site from power spikes and dips. The Power Pod acts as a buffer, ensuring consistent power flow.
  • Any large power demand is automatically routed from Grid, Solar Or backup generators, OR a combination of all.

Power Flow Examples

Power Pod Specification

Solar Smart Site Combinations

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Responsive, modular power storage, expandable to suit large and small sites. Scale-up your power storage potential. Store and manage power from multiple sources.


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