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Take a look at our NEW modern static welfare unit range, with Ecosmart technology and automatic operation built-in as standard. Our Ecostatic welfare units are available in 2 sizes with a wide variety of upgrades and options to choose from. These eco welfare units can cater to all of your individual needs. Whatever your site requires, we have the perfect solution.
static welfare unit

Our NEW Eco Static Welfare Units

The NEW Ecostatic 24 & 28 have a spacious canteen with room for up to 24 people. These static welfare units come with many benefits like toilets, a drying room and a convenient office space. The “Hydro” diesel heating system supplies fast efficient heat and hot water on demand without the generator running. This means that you do not need to compromise on practicality or energy efficiency. With our Ecostatic welfare units, you can have both. With environmental, energy-saving features at the heart of the Ecostatic range, users can rely on legally compliant, comfortable and modern welfare facilities with low running costs.

Ecostatic welfare cabins make for an ideal temporary or semi-permanent solution for on-site welfare unit arrangements. Our solar powered static welfare units are carefully manufactured from robust steel, ideally suited for the demands of the rental industry, ensuring both longevity and durability. You can be sure that our welfare units are able to withstand the demands of a busy site with ease.

Extended appliance power: A choice of 2x kettles + 1x microwave -OR- 2x microwaves + 1x kettle.

Why Choose Us For Your Static Welfare Units?

Here at Easy Cabin, we are proud to offer welfare units of the highest quality for sale, Our static welfare units provide you with everything you could possibly need for your construction site. We aim to make your life onsite much simpler, by offering static welfare cabins that present a whole range of extremely practical benefits, for a reasonable price. Due to our wealth of industry experience, we are also fully equipped to provide you with in-depth advice and guidance on which welfare unit would best suit your demands. We ensure that all of our customers are able to make the best-informed decision, so that focus can be shifted back to completing the tasks at hand.

Static Welfare Units - 24 & 28

The two variations of our Ecostatic welfare units can be found below:

Static Welfare Unit
static welfare unit

This eco site cabin includes canteen facilities for up to 20 people with toilet/washroom, drying room and an office area.


Static Welfare Unit
static welfare unit

Our larger static canteen welfare units include canteen facilities for up to 24 people with 2x toilet/wash rooms, drying room and office area.


Unrivalled build quality - inside and out

We make sure that we only ever provide eco welfare units of the highest quality, inside and out. You can see for yourself below:

Intelligent, efficient operation

Ecosmart technology minimises the power usage of the generator, to operate in the most efficient way possible.

Included as standard

Intelligent, efficient operation

Ecosmart technology minimises the power usage of the generator, to operate in the most efficient way possible.

Energy efficient diesel heating & hot water on demand. More heat produced from less energy.

Better fuel economy compared to a standard electrical heater & water boiler.

  • Hot water on-demand: Instant hot water supply without the generator running.
  • Automatic: Thermostatic control for continuous cabin temperature.
  • Efficient: Low fuel and power consumption, suitable for long periods of operation.
  • Quick: Short heating-up times.
  • Quiet: No need for the generator to be on for heat to be produced.
  • Easy: Just turn the system on and enjoy.
Fully automatic, start-stop
Just add fuel, turn on.

‘Just add fuel - the Autosmart system will control power demands and battery charging automatically.

All power demands are automatically managed, the generator will auto start-stop when required.

As simple as add fuel and turn on.

2 layout options

At EasyCabin, we are passionate about tailoring our static eco welfare units to suit each and every customer. Not only can you choose between different sizes of our static canteen welfare units, but you can choose between two layouts too.

Large canteen workspace and seating

Separate office space included in the layout

As part of our on-going commitment to improvement we reserve the right to alter specifications, designs or figures, without prior notice. All dimensions and weights are approximate.

Static Welfare Unit Range

Explore our full static welfare range here.

For more information on our Ecostatic welfare units or any of our other products and services, please get in touch with a member of our team today 01582 310706. Alternatively, click here to visit our Contact Page. We look forward to hearing from you.