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EasyCabin have a wide range of environmentally-friendly mobile and static rail welfare facility units, ready to ensure that a trackside project is fully-compliant with relevant health and safety law.

Providing environmentally-sound, clean and legally-compliant welfare facilities on a rail project can be a difficult task, particularly when working in remote areas. All too frequently, the harsh nature of the terrain can mean that getting vehicles close to the trackside work areas can pose a problem. We have considered all of the challenging elements that come with deploying units for the rail sector and have used our ample experience in this field to design our state-of-the-art railway welfare units. EasyCabin’s specialised rail welfare vehicles have been designed to overcome the logistical hurdles often encountered on these job sites. Our EasyRail welfare unit has been developed using Road2Rail technology.

EasyCabin´s vehicle-mounted, mobile and static railway welfare facilities are individually manufactured for the rail and trackside markets. Our EasyRail units utilising Road2Rail technology are easy to manoeuvre and put in place, regardless of the terrain.

Our railway welfare units’ energy performance is maintained by high standards of insulation, LED lighting, low carbon ‘air’ heating and fuel-saving battery/ generator combinations. This means that you do not need to worry about the efficiency or environmental impact of these railway welfare units.

HSE Compliance

Clients and contractors have legal responsibilities regarding railway welfare facilities on trackside projects.

Contractors are legally obliged to provide welfare facilities and clients must ensure this happens. The pre-construction information prepared by the client should include the arrangements for welfare provision.

On notifiable projects (longer than 30 days or 500 person days), the client must ensure the phase does not start unless they are satisfied that there are arrangements for welfare facilities to be provided.

Contractors must maintain the facilities throughout the life of the project. The nature and scale of facilities required will depend on the size, location and nature of the project.Welfare facilities include:

  • Toilets
  • Washing facilities
  • Drinking water
  • Changing rooms and lockers
  • Facilities for rest

Note: Some rail projects may have individual welfare requirements. Check with the project manager.

All of our railway welfare units are HSE Compliance, it is vitally important to check the requirements for your project to ensure that your workers have access to all of the necessary facilities.

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The rail industry’s favorite EasyCabin units

Working on a trackside project and making sure that all the correct railway welfare facilities are in place can be a daunting task when met with complex terrain conditions. Fortunately, with EasyCabin’s mobile rail welfare units a complete welfare set-up can be put together with the minimum of hassle. EasyCabin manufactures a wide range of railway welfare units and our design team are available to discuss bespoke builds to meet our clients’ requirements.

For more information on our railway welfare units, or for any additional advice or guidance, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team on 01582 310692. Alternatively, visit our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you.