Sustainable power is easy.
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Store solar energy and use it at night. Zero local emissions, fully automatic, sustainable lighting towers.
Charge in the daytime for all night lighting
Reduce fuel costs
Reduce harmful emissions
Fully self sufficient, no power cable required

Fully automatic operation and ZERO local emissions. During daylight hours solar energy is collected and stored in the batteries.

When in low light or night-time the powerful LED auto activates when movement is detected within 10m of the light. Once the movement has stopped, after a few minutes the light will dim to 20%.

The lights are controllable by Bluetooth connection on smartphone or a tablet.

Optional 5m telescopic pole with winch system. 10m PIR sensor range & 15m illumination area.

Standard 3m fixed pole has a 10m PIR sensor range & 10m illumination area.

Hybrid Solar and battery powered lighting Hybrid tool charging station

The Solar Light ZERO System

How it works

  • DAYTIME: Solar energy is collected by the solar panel and stored in batteries for later use.
  • NIGHTTIME: When low light levels are detected the light activates.
  • When no movement is detected in range the light level is 20%, normal street light levels.
  • When movement is detected light level increases to 100%, floodlight level illumination.
  • After a few minutes of no movement detection, the light reverts back to power saving 20% mode.

Solar Light ZERO Specification

Improve efficiency further

Hybrid solar generator. Large solar panels & batteries with a back-up diesel generator on stand by. Proven to reduce local emmissions and fuel costs all year round, all weather. In use UK wide.


Plug-n-play solar panels. No complicated electrical installation required. Any roof or space has solar harvesting potential. Solar power direct from panel to cabin. 


Responsive, modular power storage, expandable to suit large and small sites. Scale-up your power storage potential. Store and manage power from multiple sources.


Use all our power genration products together to save even more energy. Connect Power Pods with Solar Smart Panels & Solar Pods to save more energy. Power large and small sites.


Tool charging station right where it's needed. Autonomous hybrid power supply for tool and device charging. No cables needed, all power is on-board.


Store solar energy and use it at night. Zero local emissions, fully automatic, sustainable lighting towers.


As part of our on-going commitment to improvement we reserve the right to alter specifications,designs or figures, without prior notice. All dimensions and weights are approximate.