Sustainable power is easy.
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Plug-in, combined modular solar & hybrid power. Scalable to meet all energy demands. Each component is designed to work alone OR together in ANY combination to save energy.

Hybrid Solar Smart SITE

Power for remote sites, from a combination of EasyCabin power products.
Flexible and scalable to meet growing power demands of your off-grid sites.
Designed to be Plug N Play, easy to add more solar, power storage & hybrid back-up power.
Hybrid: Single or 3 Phase power outputs. From 30kVA upwards. 200kVA + easily achievable.
Reduce fuel costs.
Reduce harmful emissions.
No complicated electrical installation required.

We have created a group of sustainable hybrid solar power systems to help your off-grid sites generate their own electricity. Each product is proven to reduce fuel use from site generators.

The Solar Smart Site is a combination of our Solar Pod Hybrid backup generator, Power Pod battery bank and Solar Smart Panels (plug-in, NO install Solar panels). The Solar Smart Site can scale-up and grow with your power needs. Start with a small groundwork site, with a few offices and welfare units, then add more hybrid solar power systems and storage when the site grows. When your site is ready for National Grid Power, plug it into the Power Pod to manage the power output into your site. The Power Pod will charge from grid, and supply from batteries. If power demands are high, then grid power is automatically routed to your site.

Our Solar Smart Panels give you the ability to add modular and combined solar power systems to ANY roof or spare space on your site. No complicated electronics are needed, solar power can flow directly to where it's needed, on-demand with our Solar Smart generator systems.

Using the Solar Smart Site will save diesel and harmful local emissions, and reduce the reliance on grid power. Solar Smart Site: Use solar & batteries as your primary power source. We recommend keeping grid and generators as a backup.

To discuss our Solar Smart hybrid power systems in more detail, contact a member of our team today.

solar-smart-site solar-smart-site

Solar Smart SITE - Hybrid power combined

Use batteries as your primary power source. Collect & manage power from multiple sources.

  • Modular system, designed to work with various power sources.
  • Plug and play operation, easy to install on any site.
  • Start your site with Power Pods + Solar Pods, scale up when your site demands increase.
  • Further scale your site with Plug-in temporary Solar Smart panels.
  • When Local power grid is available, plug it into the Power pods remove the need for generators and use only solar & Grid in the most efficient way possible.

Auto-switching power management = High efficiency

  • Highly efficient power switching ensures battery power is the primary power supply.
  • Protect your site from power spikes and dips. The Power Pod acts as a buffer, ensuring consistent power flow.
  • Any large power demand is automatically routed from Grid, Solar Or backup generators, OR a combination of all.

Power Flow Examples

Solar Smart SITE Combinations

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Improve efficiency further

Hybrid solar generator. Large solar panels & batteries with a back-up diesel generator on stand by. Proven to reduce local emmissions and fuel costs all year round, all weather. In use UK wide.


Plug-n-play solar panels. No complicated electrical installation required. Any roof or space has solar harvesting potential. Solar power direct from panel to cabin. 


Responsive, modular power storage, expandable to suit large and small sites. Scale-up your power storage potential. Store and manage power from multiple sources.


Use all our power genration products together to save even more energy. Connect Power Pods with Solar Smart Panels & Solar Pods to save more energy. Power large and small sites.


Tool charging station right where it's needed. Autonomous hybrid power supply for tool and device charging. No cables needed, all power is on-board.


Store solar energy and use it at night. Zero local emissions, fully automatic, sustainable lighting towers.