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The Ecosmart ZERO CO2 emissions welfare unit, is a replacement for traditional outdated diesel powered systems, combining solar panels with a back-up hydrogen fuel cell to eliminate local carbon emissions.
  • Zero carbon emissions — Only water vapour.
  • Near silent operation — Very quiet with no vibrations.
  • On-demand power & heat on any appliance in the cabin.
  • Safe & easy to refuel — Hydrogen gas bottles. Available from most gas suppliers. Easy to replace.
  • Zero fuel with solar panels — On summer days up to 100% of the power demands can be met from the solar panels.

Eco smart systems — The future of site welfare.

Our zero CO2 emission eco welfare units are an excellent environmentally-friendly option for any site’s needs. It’s vital in this current day and age that we each take responsibility for our own carbon footprint and ensure we are minimising our negative impact on the environment wherever possible. This also applies to us in a business setting and, therefore, should be considered when making any business decision, where possible.

As a multiple Green Apple award-winning company, we have been asked by many of our customers to develop eco-friendly welfare cabins and solutions that produce zero C02 emissions at the point of use. We are very much aware of the ever-growing importance of this, and also value customer satisfaction highly. As a result, we have been busy designing, building and testing a new concept, ready for the demands of future C02 reduction targets. We hope to lead by example in the future of the welfare industry by providing eco-smart systems that stand the test of time.

The Ecosmart ZERO C02 welfare unit is the first viable welfare alternative for companies that are working to reduce their carbon footprint and, more importantly, improve the environment for communities in the vicinity of operation.

With increased focus on the reduction of carbon footprint and the prioritisation of corporate social responsibility issues, there is a real demand for industries to adopt cleaner fuels whilst maintaining reliability and cost effectiveness.

The Ecosmart ZERO C02 system (solar + backup hydrogen fuel cell), provides an opportunity to both reduce operating costs and increase environmental performance relative to the use of traditional diesel generator welfare. The ZERO CO2 eco welfare unit is near silent, and emits only pure water vapour. So, not only will this investment have a positive effect on the environment, it won’t negatively impact those who are in the surrounding areas.

The Ecosmart ZERO C02 welfare unit has been designed to have the same user-friendly operation as the standard Easy Cabin Ecosmart welfare unit. Power to run the heating, sockets, kettle and microwave comes instantly from the battery bank. The batteries are constantly fed by the built-in hydrogen fuel cell and solar panels. This means that, as well as the environmental benefits, you will also receive optimum convenience and functionality.

So, to minimise your own carbon footprint, get in touch today to find out more about one of our zero C02 emissions welfare units by giving us a call on 01582 486663.

Available layouts & sizes

Ecosmart ZERO Specifications

Ecosmart ZERO includes the following features:

  • Solar panel + Back-up hydrogen fuel cell, hybrid patent pending technology for sustainable energy to power the electronics with NO local emissions.
  • On-demand hot water & power system.
  • Automatic fuel cell timed shut off for unnecessary fuel usage.
  • On-demand hot water system.
  • Extra thick insulated floor and roof, for extra warmth, system with no cold bridging.

Welfare facilities

  • Table & bench seating
  • Running hot water
  • Electric 230v heating
  • Dual toilets with drying included
  • Easy to use canteen facilities; on demand boiler & microwave
  • Spacious & comfortable seating area
  • Warm water washing facilities
  • Forearm wash basin
  • All interior and exterior surfaces are tough, durable and wipe clean


  • Dual heavy duty locking system per door
  • Robust galvanised exterior with high impact resistance
  • Unique hydraulic system for setup in 45 seconds


  • Lightweight easy to tow
  • Soft cushioning hydraulic system
  • Balanced loading, with weight in the front, for better towing
  • Heavy-duty wheels which offer the possibility, in the event of a puncture, to change at the side of the road with ease
  • Road lights and number plate holder built in, no need for a tailboard to be fitted
  • Accidental collision can occur, however our corners are designed to absorb impact and are easily maintained

Running stats

Main benefits

Use in Clean air, ultra-low-emissions zones and city centres.

Use on emissions sensitive projects.

Use inside large buildings, where air quality is important and mains power is not available.

More options

Optional extras & upgrades

The following upgrades are also available to use on your Ecosmart ZERO . Click for more info.

  • Non-hydraulic axles
  • Ceramic flush toilet
  • Available as a static unit
  • Custom layouts on request
  • Pin boards
  • White boards
  • Spare Wheels
  • Decals / Branding

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As part of our ongoing commitment to improvement we reserve the right to alter specifications, designs or figures without prior notice. All dimensions and weights are approximate.

Zero CO2 emissions at point of use, where the Ecosmart ZERO is parked and in use.

All figures quoted for guidance only & do not include use of hydraulics. A full energy presentation is available on request.

Solar panels achieve maximum output in direct sunlight, but they work in normal daylight and cloudy weather too. The amount of power a 48v solar panel or charging kit generates in cloudy weather will be lower compared to direct sunlight. Less solar power is generated in wintertime than summertime. The positioning of the cabin will affect the solar charging of the batteries i.e. under trees, etc.