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Autonomous hybrid power supply for tool and device charging.

Tool charging - right where it's needed

Reduce local emmissions.
Keep tools charged close to where they are needed.
Designed to charge multiple battery-powered tools and hand-held devices.
Reduce temporary electrics and cables on your site.
Weather proof, secure lockers

Locate a Charge Pod next to where staff are working and increase productivity. No more trips back-to-base to charge and collect tool batteries.

The Charge Pod (patent pending) significantly reduces carbon emissions and fuel costs associated with tool charging by harvesting solar energy to provide free power to your sites.

Complete with a backup generator or hydrogen fuel cell, the built in Ecosmart system efficiently manages the power supply between solar PV, battery bank and generator. Our Autosmart system ensures that all the end user needs to do is switch on and use.

There are up to 36 lockers, ready for your workers to have individual access and keep thier items safe while charging. Larger lockers are available in the layout if needed.

Each locker has a 230V 3pin socket plus a USB 2.0 socket. Each door is water proof, sealed with rubber seals all round to keep wind and rain out. Each locker is vandal proof and secure. Available with key or code access.

OPTIONAL: Integrated Handwash Station

Solar + electric powered, no plumbing required. Integrated into the ChargePod hybrid power system. Stay safe on location with instant hot water handwash. Designed to keep power usage to a minimum. Power to the electric instant hot water heater comes directly from the Charge Pod’s hybrid power systems. All surfaces are easy to clean & touch points are minimised. An infrared sensor tap ensures contact and transmission of germs through hands is minimised.

OPTIONAL: "ZERO" Hydrogen Fuel Cell power

ZERO local emmission power: We can swap the diesel generator with a hydrogen fuel cell.

Hybrid tool charging station Hybrid tool charging station Hybrid tool charging station

The Charge Pod System

Use solar and  batteries as your primary power source. Generator backup.

  • Upto 36 lockers, each with unique keys or padlock security. 
  • Install in any location. Just put in possition and switch system on.
  • Weather proof locker doors.  
  • 230v and USB charging in every locker. 

Auto-switching power management = High efficiency

  • Highly efficient power switching ensures battery and solar power is the primary power supply.
  • Automatic power management: Our Ecosmart system ensures generator use is minimal.     

Power Flow Examples

Charge Pod Specification

Improve efficiency further

Hybrid solar generator. Large solar panels & batteries with a back-up diesel generator on stand by. Proven to reduce local emmissions and fuel costs all year round, all weather. In use UK wide.


Plug-n-play solar panels. No complicated electrical installation required. Any roof or space has solar harvesting potential. Solar power direct from panel to cabin. 


Responsive, modular power storage, expandable to suit large and small sites. Scale-up your power storage potential. Store and manage power from multiple sources.


Use all our power genration products together to save even more energy. Connect Power Pods with Solar Smart Panels & Solar Pods to save more energy. Power large and small sites.


Tool charging station right where it's needed. Autonomous hybrid power supply for tool and device charging. No cables needed, all power is on-board.


Store solar energy and use it at night. Zero local emissions, fully automatic, sustainable lighting towers.


As part of our on-going commitment to improvement we reserve the right to alter specifications,designs or figures, without prior notice. All dimensions and weights are approximate.