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Easily add a sustainable hybrid power supply to remote site locations. The Solar Pod (Patent Pending) combines solar PV with a back up generator. Available as a static or mobile unit with a choice of power outputs.
Up to 20kW of power from large solar PV array and battery banks.
Up to 60kW of power from large generator and solar PV/batteries combined.
Solar Pod = Compact footprint with extendable solar panels
H2O Solar Pod = Large built in water tank and secure storage room.

All your remote site power needs

The Solar Pod (Patent Pending) significantly reduces fuel bills by harvesting the suns energy to provide free power to your site with the back up of a generator, with the Ecosmart system built in to efficiently managing the power supply from PV battery bank and generator.

Our Autosmart system ensures that all the end user needs to do is switch on and use. Large power output from a combination of solar, batteries or generator.

Available models and power outputs

Solar Pod Specifications


  • Solar hybrid technology for sustainable free energy
  • Automatic back up generator start/stop technology for economical fuel usage
  • Automatic fuel cell timed shut off for unnecessary fuel usage.
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Super silent generator


  • Plug and play sockets: Multiple 32amp sockets
  • Large water tank with quick and simple pipe connection (H2o Solar Pod Only)
  • Large fuel tank
  • Dial in diagnostics from your phone or laptop
  • Large tool storage area (H2o Solar Pod Only)


  • Dual heavy duty locking system per door
  • Robust galvanised exterior with high impact resistance
  • Unique hydraulic system for setup in 45 seconds (Mobile only)


  • Forklift pockets
  • Bottom lifting
  • Solar Pod = Large extendable Solar panels
  • Optional: Mobile with hydraulic axles to lower to the ground
  • Road lights and number plate holder built in, No need for a tailboard to be fitted (Mobile only)

Running stats

How it works

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As part of our on-going commitment to improvement we reserve the right to alter specifications, designs or figures, without prior notice. All dimensions and weights are approximate.

Zero CO2 emissions at point of use, where the Ecosmart ZERO is parked and in use.

All figures quoted for guidance only & do not include use of hydraulics. A full energy presentation is available on request.

Solar panels achieve maximum output in direct sunlight, but they work in normal daylight and cloudy weather too. The amount of power a 48v solar panel or charging kit generates in cloudy weather will be lower compared to direct sunlight. Less solar power is generated in wintertime than summertime. The positioning of the cabin will affect the solar charging of the batteries i.e. under trees, etc.