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External Security Lighting System

The EasyCabin Nightlight upgrade includes 1 to 4 LED sensor lights with integrated movement and light sensors for total convenience and security.

Nightlight gives extra piece of mind and works well with the Eye Site upgrade or other existing security measures your site has.

Each side of the cabin has a Nightlight installed for 360 degree coverage. The passive infrared sensor can detect movment from 7metres away.

Nightlight is energy efficient, designed to work with an existing EasyCabin system for minimum energy expenditure. Each Nightlight unit has 31 LED's running off 12v power.

The Nightlight upgrade can be fitted into any EasyCabin unit.

Call the EasyCabin team to discuss your upgrade. 01582 486663

As part of our on-going commitment to improvement we reserve the right to alter specifications, designs or figures, without prior notice. All dimensions and weights are approximate.

(*) Figures quoted based on “normal use”: PIR lights on, microwave used for 20mins full power, kettle boiled 3 times from cold, 'Air' diesel heating on.