Site welfare is easy.
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Each Ecosmart welfare unit is designed to produce fewer emissions, lower fuel consumption, and reduce noise pollution. Available in 3 sizes 12, 16 & 20ft lengths, with a variety of upgrades and layouts.

EasyCabin mobile welfare units

Users of the Ecosmart range will benefit from having hot water & LED PIR lighting without having to engage generator. This practical solution is called the ‘Ecosmart Box’, which intelligently moves the power around the cabin to reduce the amount of fuel being used by the generator. Thus reducing the carbon output and lowering operational costs.

All EasyCabins are strong and durable, ready to cope with everyday battles against the weather, the roads and onsite use.

Our 50mm patented galvanised composite panels provide excellent heat insulation whilst being vandal and rust resistant.

Inside, our cabins are made with practicality in mind. We only use high quality interior surfaces that are hard wearing and easy to clean. Don’t forget our hydraulic axles that make towing and setup easy with no-nonsense.

3 sizes - 6 to 16 persons

Provides canteen facilities for up to 8 persons, with a separate toilet, drying room and ample space to rest and eat.


Canteen facilities for up to 12 persons, with a separate toilet, drying room and ample space to rest and eat. Optional office & space saving canteen layouts are available.


Canteen facilities for up to 16 persons, with a separate toilet, drying room and ample space to rest and eat. Optional office & space saving canteen layouts are available.


Easy-to-use: Our core design principle.

AJC EasyCabin welfare units are smarter than the average in many ways...

Forefront of technology
Built for a tough life
Economical generator
Easy to
Easy to
Light & bright inside
Choice & flexibility

Unrivalled build quality - inside and out

Increase efficiency with ‘Air’ Diesel heating upgrade

Energy efficient diesel heating upgrade.
Costs, Fuel consumption, Emissions, Noise.
battery monitor.

‘Air’ – a diesel heating system that saves energy, reduces carbon emissions and noise compared to our standard heating.

Upto 78% better fuel economy for the same heating time

  • MORE WARMTH: More heat produced from less energy.
  • AUTOMATIC: Thermostatic control for continuous cabin temperature.
  • EASY: Just turn the system on and enjoy.
  • EFFICIENT: Low fuel and power consumption, suitable for long periods of operation.
  • QUICK: Short heating-up times.
  • QUIET: No need for the generator to be on for heat to be produced.
  • ALSO INCLUDED: Upgraded batteries, battery monitor, 12v USB charge sockets.
  • SAVE MONEY ON OPERATING COSTS (compared to standard heating)
  • STANDARD HEATING: Heating on with generator running @ 75% load = 1.2 litres per hour
  • ‘Air’ HEATING: Heating on max = 0.28 litres per hour (Saving of 0.92 litres per hour)

Contact EasyCabin for details on the ‘Air’ heating system.

4 layout options

Large canteen workspace and seating

Open plan
Comfortable seating with large canteen workspace

Extra seating and space saving canteen facilities

Xtra layout = More seating
Space saving canteen with more seating

Separate office space included in the layout

+ layout = Office space
Separate office included in the layout (16 & 20 models only)

Space saving canteen facilities + separate office

Xtra+ = More seating & office space
Space saving canteen with more seating + separate office space. (16 & 20 models only)

As part of our on-going commitment to improvement we reserve the right to alter specifications, designs or figures, without prior notice. All dimensions and weights are approximate.

(1) Figures quoted based on “optimum use”, with the generator not running, no appliances used & no hydraulics used within the stated time period.

(2) While in un-hitched state, timed from the start of axle retract sequence, until the unit is seated and the cabin door is opened.