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The importance of providing welfare facilities on-site

The importance of providing welfare facilities on-site

Welfare facilities are necessary to protect the health and safety of employees in the workplace. Welfare facilities on-site cover a wide range of basic health, safety and welfare issues. To be compliant with HSE regulations implementing welfare facilities for employees should not just be a norm, it should reflect your concern for the well-being of your workers. The addition of welfare facilities to a site provides many benefits for the construction company and to employees. A high-quality supplier of welfare units such as Easy Cabin, who offer expert advice and guidance as well as a range of environmentally friendly zero-fuel welfare units, will give your company the assurance that you are providing only the highest quality welfare services to your employees.


If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly alternative to the traditional diesel-powered welfare units, then our Ecosmart Zero welfare units are a great option that benefits both the environment and workforce. Whether it is welfare facilities for an event or welfare facilities for a construction site, welfare units improve comfort while ensuring the smooth running of operations. The following highlights the importance of welfare facilities:

  • Employee productivity

Providing the necessary welfare facilities for employees will positively impact your production as your workers will have access to the infrastructures that allow them to work to the best of their capabilities.

  • Well being

It is a human right to have access to toilet facilities, clean water and somewhere to rest. Failure to provide your employees with the necessary welfare facilities can affect their mental health. Poor welfare facilities contribute to increased levels of worker stress, resulting in distractions and accidents. Promoting worker well-being equates to investing in your company. Our Ecosmart range enhances the well-being of your workforce whilst on-site and is also one of the greenest welfare units on the market, making it a smart choice for all. 

  • Health and safety

Lack of appropriate welfare facilities can pose a significant threat to the health and safety of your workers. Dehydration, adverse weather conditions, falling materials and exposure to harmful substances are all possible health risks on a construction site. Your workers need to be well trained in work-related risks, the use of welfare facilities and dealing with health and safety problems that may arise.


Welfare facilities are a basic requirement of any workplace and they should be of high quality to make sure your workforce is healthy and productive. If you are wondering what welfare facilities are required in the workplace, the following are minimum welfare facilities you should keep on-site:

  • Toilets

Providing toilets should be a priority, they should be suitable in terms of functionality and hygiene standards. Ladies’ toilets should contain sanitary waste bins and, depending on the layout of the construction site, toilets should be conveniently located to avoid employees having to walk too far.

  • Water and washing

A constant supply of drinking water should be available at all times, it can be either supplied directly from the mains or in refillable enclosed containers. Running water for the employees to wash their face, arms and forearms separate from the toilet should be provided with soaps and towels in place. Showers should also be made available if dirty work is involved. To power such welfare units with bathroom and other facilities, we recommend our solar smart site modular hybrid power units, which are quick to set up and can be a great way of making your welfare facilities more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective.

  • Rest area

A hybrid-solar welfare unit like ours provides a suitable area for employees to take their meals and breaks. This helps to prevent possible food contamination that may arise from work-related activities. Canteen facilities should be provided if the employer does not provide food for the workers.

  • Provide changing facilities

This is necessary if your workers need to change into special clothing. The changing rooms can also be equipped with lockers where they can store their belongings.

Providing welfare facilities for employees depends on the number of people on-site. To avoid long queues, multiple facilities should be well-positioned in places where they can be easily accessed. The importance of site welfare facilities contributes to the smooth running of operations. For events and other jobs in remote locations, the importance of welfare facilities on-site is unmeasurable, impacting numerous aspects from reducing health hazards, to giving your visitors first-class treatment. Easy Cabin is on hand to offer a range of financial packages to suit most firms, advanced technology and eco-friendly products.

For more information about our zero-emission welfare units or our solar smart site modular power units, please get in touch with a member of our team today. 

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