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Your Guide To Mobile Welfare Units | Key Benefits

Your Guide To Mobile Welfare Units | Key Benefits

For decades, Easy Cabin has provided an assortment of industries with welfare units. The laws protecting workers and the environment are broad and demand many solutions. Construction, events, rail & utility sectors, need to follow modern environmental and welfare laws. New environmental guidance to reduce local emissions in the construction sector are driving demand for hybrid-solar powered power systems. All our products are designed with this in mind.

Welfare Units for Every Industry

We design and manufacture welfare cabins for many industry sectors, working closely with large hire fleet operators to small building companies, we ensure each model is perfectly suited to the site it is used on.

Ecosmart Welfare

EcoSmart units range in size from 12 to 28 feet. Each unit has a canteen area where workers can prepare food and drinks and have somewhere clean to sit and eat. The units also have separate toilets for men and women.

Larger units have bigger canteens and may also include separate office space for up to 3 people. Each welfare unit is efficient, secure, and hygienic. Owners can also specify different methods of powering the unit and whether to give them trailers.

Hybrid powered welfare as standard

Ecosmart low-emission welfare units are powered by an economical 3.5kVA generator working with batteries to keep generator ON-time at a minimum. EasyCabin’s ‘Air’ diesel heating system further reduces generator time by up to 78%.. Air uses less fuel and can run for longer, and it is quieter since it runs from the battery, independently from the generator.

BioSmart is an HVO diesel compatible generator option. This upgrade allows unit owners to run the system on Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils. BioSmart running on HVO lowers running costs and lowers carbon emissions by up to 90%.

Solar Upgrade

Ecosmart cabins can reduce generator time EVEN FURTHER with the help of solar panels. They help keep the main batteries topped up, cutting generator time by up to 55%, (depending on the un-helpful British weather of course!)


Ecosmart SolarMax cabins have the most powerful solar PV systems and enhanced battery banks. The Whole cabin roof is covered by solar PV. The solar power generated in spring/Summer can provide up to 100% of the cabins power needs, no need for the generator! In the winter months the generator will come back into play to charge the batteries as the sunlight reduces in winter months. This results in HUGE year round fuel & emission savings.

Ecosmart Zero

Similar to the SolarMax but without a diesel generator, instead a Hydrogen Fuel Cell running from industry standard H2 canisters. This is the FIRST of its kind in the welfare sector.
Hydrogen Gas bottles are quick, easy, safe to replace, and the ZERO system is low maintenance and automatic. The Hydrogen fuel cell produces NO LOCAL emissions and has the same “ZERO fuel potential” as the SolarMax in the summer months.

Static Welfare

Ecostatic units have enough internal space to seat up to 17 people, with space for a separate office, kitchenette, and two separate toilets. There are also options for security cameras and lighting to ensure that they are safe places to store belongings. They feature all the same Ecosmart power systems with a larger 6kVA generator. SolarMax & ZERO power options are available.

Our solar toilet pods offer workers simple amenities while staying with the green ethos. These stand-alone units are LPG gas/Solar hybrid to power hot water and lighting. Toilet cubicles are large enough to change clothes in.

Static Accommodation

Our accommodation units help to bring some home luxuries to a worksite, to boost morale to those working on isolated projects. All our accommodation units are Plug-N-play, with no on-board power generation. Designed to be powered by Grid or on-site power supplies. We have built-in ecosmart energy management to ensure that power is used efficiently, with further optional Solar Panels that can power the unit directly working in tandem with plugged in power.

Easy Cabin

Easy Cabin understands the pressures of providing hygiene and rest spaces. Easy Cabin is a Green Apple Ambassador and member of the Green Organisation. We know how to uphold worker and environmental laws, and we have the awards to prove it.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of our welfare units, Contact Easy Cabin today!

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