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Ecosmart ZERO @ Toyota – Hydrogen Society Experience

Ecosmart ZERO @ Toyota – Hydrogen Society Experience

Last week we were invited by Toyota to demonstrate the Ecosmart ZERO welfare unit next to the Toyota Mirai.

Attending the event were leaders of industry and government infrastructure. Ecosmart ZERO is the first viable welfare alternative for companies that are working to reduce their carbon footprint and, more importantly, improve the environment for communities in the vicinity of operation. The Ecosmart ZERO system (solar + backup hydrogen fuel cell), provides an opportunity to both reduce operating costs and increase environmental performance relative to the use of traditional diesel generator welfare.

ZERO is near silent, and emits only pure water vapour. ZERO FUEL POTENTIAL – On summer days up to 100% of the power demands can be met from the solar panels. ZERO local carbon emissions – Only water vapour. ZERO noise – Very quiet with no vibrations. On-demand power & heat on any appliance in the cabin. Safe & easy to re-fuel – Hydrogen gas bottles.

Hydrogen is changing the face of transport – and is poised to do even more. From powering cars to heating homes, we’re moving towards a hydrogen-based society. Unlike other energy sources, it only produces water, and is easy to store and transport in large amounts. Sustainable systems are needed to replace fossil fuels which are having a negative effect on our environment. Hydrogen promises to have the biggest impact on decarbonizing – it is a secure alternative moving us closer towards a cleaner society. Watch our film to find out more.

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