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Ecosmart MAX is the ultimate EasyCabin.

Ecosmart MAX is the ultimate EasyCabin.

No compromise, sustainable, automatic power systems. The ultimate EasyCabin.

Extra large, high quality solar panels and lithium battery bank for maximum power harvesting and storage.

No fossil fuels
With HVO fuel. (Normal Diesel can also be used)

Zero fuel with solar panels
On summer days up to 100% of the power demands can be met from the solar panels.

More peace and quiet
Less generator time. Less noise and vibration.

On-demand power & heat
On any appliance in the cabin.

Efficient power management
The Ecosmart system controls power demands to make sure the generator is only used when absolutely necessary.

Remote telemetry
View data readouts on your device or laptop from anywhere in the world.


Contact us to arrange a demo.
More information coming soon.

Call 01582486663 or
Mark Samuel

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