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EasyCabin launch the Easy ToolStore

EasyCabin launch the Easy ToolStore

We have launched a new self-contained mobile workshop and equipment storage unit.

Entitled the Easy ToolStore, this brand new product is designed to provide a safe and secure workshop and storage facility ideally suited for working on construction sites, civil engineering, landscaping projects and trackside.

This 12′ x 8′ towable unit is fully kitted out with sturdy racking and bright, safe, solar powered, lighting. It has several handy electricity outlets and powered by either the self-contained 12-volt battery system or via normal main power. It can also be connected to an external generator when main power is not available. Security is maintained by a series of anti-vandal, anti-theft devices, alongside a strong 3-point locking mechanism that secures the entrance door.

We have the flexibility to arrange the internal layout to suit an individual design and a variety of colour schemes/branding are available. The Easy ToolStore can be legally towed by either a car or small truck.

We anticipate keen interest from both hire firms that are seeking to expand their fleet of mobile units and construction firms that need safe and reliable workshop facilities whilst carrying out essential work directly on site. The Easy ToolStore lends itself to many trades such as landscapers, jobbing builders and plumbers

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