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Why You Should Consider Temporary Site Accommodation

Why You Should Consider Temporary Site Accommodation

Construction Site Accommodation

Temporary construction site accommodation is something that can enhance your site in many ways. It has different benefits and can help relieve stresses your construction workers would usually face if they had to still make the commute back home at the end of the day. At EasyCabin, we proudly provide many temporary static site accommodations, meaning that your construction workers can have a safe and secure home away from home. We’ve put together this guide on why you should consider temporary construction site accommodation and the benefits it can have on you, your workers and your site. 

Eliminating The Stressful Commute

Your construction workers may be coming from all over the place to complete the job and it can be a hassle to coordinate a site project when you’re facing commuting issues. As per Project Resource, ‘the average commute time for a UK worker is 1 hour and 38 minutes and the average cost per month is £160. With the average mortgage reported at £772 per month, this means the average worker in the UK is paying the equivalent of 21 percent of their mortgage to commute to work.’ Saving your workers the cost and hassle of commuting every day can result in the work being done more efficiently and potentially to a higher standard. 

If you weren’t considering temporary construction site accommodation, you’d have to find alternatives for the workers that are further away. You may have to pay out for a hotel or your workers would have to pay for the transport. If you choose to consider temporary site accommodation, everything is handled in one go. Your construction workers will have a place to rest and recuperate before the next day.  


All of your workers, vehicles and equipment will be kept in the right place. This is a better option in many ways, one of them being security. Temporary site accommodation is a good place to store tools and other valuables as they are secure and all being kept in the same place. They are a lot more secure than other options you could be considering. They can be better than other options at protecting your site equipment from theft and even damage from poor weather, with the space being able to be used for other purposes like relaxing at the end of the day or for a short break.


At EasyCabin, we pride ourselves on our comfortable construction site temporary accommodation. Our Exclusive Sleeper’s or Ecomod Accommodation are the perfect home away from home, having everything your workers will need to get through the day and night. Our Exclusive Sleeper 14 offers all the comforts your workers will need after a heavy day, with a separate shower and toilet room, a kitchen area, and built-in storage. To unwind, it even comes with reading lights and USB sockets, along with being able to sleep 1-3 people. To view our comfortable Exclusive Sleeper 14, or view our other temporary accommodation options, click here. 

Energy efficient

Not only is temporary site accommodation extremely convenient, but it also does not have a high impact on the environment. At EasyCabin, we use Ecosmart technology, which helps efficiently manage power demands. All of our products have a low environmental impact and we are committed to minimising the environmental impact with all of our operations. Thanks to our commitment to The Green Organisation, you can have peace of mind that all of our temporary site accommodation is as energy efficient as it can possibly be. They’re incredibly sustainable and it makes sense to choose this option as opposed to the environmental impact that vehicles would have if your workers were having to drive in every day.


Choosing temporary site accommodation means that you will be able to adapt the space however you choose. You may need a unit to use as an office space or during the colder months, would like a place for your workers to warm up. There’s also the possibility of using it as a room where your construction workers can dry off from any rain, or they can be used as a communal area for tea breaks. Although the site accommodation is perfect for overnight stays on the site, it’s multifunctional and can be used in whatever way is best for you and your team.

Choose EasyCabin

At EasyCabin, we are already committed to the environment and making sure our temporary site accommodation is as comfortable as possible, whilst also being sustainable. All of our products have both your comfort and the environment in mind. Having temporary site accommodation can be so beneficial to the welfare of your workers, as it gives them a space to relax at the end of the day without them having to face a stressful commute. It helps them avoid burning out and gives them a place to keep warm during the day if the weather takes a turn at any point. To learn more about our temporary construction site accommodation or any of our other services, get in touch with a member of our team today. Call us on 01582 297488 for more information.


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