How To Make Your Site More Secure With Our Mobile Storage Units
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Welfare Units for the Rail Sector

welfare unit for railways

Welfare Units for the Rail Sector

The law is serious about protecting and enforcing workers’ rights, regardless of the length of time of a project or its location. This law includes providing welfare facilities for all workers. Rail projects are a particular challenge when trying to establish a safe and clean area when far from the rest of civilization.

Environmental laws take disturbances to the environment with an even more serious attitude. Contractors should return all vegetation and wildlife to their original states after a project is complete. EasyCabin has a solution to these problems with their Rail2Road technology.

Complying With Welfare Units

The HSE has an in-depth law giving site workers the right to access basic amenities — depending on location, duration, and the number of workers. The onus is on the project’s client and contractor to offer these facilities, regardless of conditions.

Basic facilities must include: 

  • Toilets — With good ventilation and hot and cold running water for handwashing.
  • Water — For drinking.
  • Rest Areas — Clean, safe, heated, and with tables and comfortable seating.

And may also include: 

  • Changing Rooms — With secure lockers to store personal items and clothes.

These units should be in a safe area, away from the rest of the site. For projects that last longer than 30 days, the planners of the site should consider a clear space. The contractor should not need to move the facilities, and they should be available for the duration of the project.

Larger teams will need larger welfare units to prevent queuing. Workers may need showers and even sleeping quarters for remote projects. In the case of sleeping quarters, workers can stay in rented accommodation or mobile sleeping units.

Other compliance measures include lighting, heating, and privacy for workers using the units. Welfare units may also need to have separate male and female toilets — if there are enough workers to make it a legal requirement.


EasyCabin understands the complex issue of trying to provide a welfare unit to rail workers. Our field-tested mobile units are some of the best in the industry. EasyCabin now offers EasyRail, with their Road2Rail technology.

Ecosmart — Road2Rail

Road2Rail is a welfare unit with road wheels, rail wheels, and a towbar. A hi-rail vehicle can pull the unit onto, and then along, rail lines.

The Ecosmart12— Road2Rail comes with: 

  • Secure High-Strength Doors — Deadlocks on each entry point ensure that this welfare unit is a safe place for belongings. Optional security upgrades include EyeSite CCTV, Nightlight exterior lighting, and a GPS tracker.
  • Emergency-Stop and Operator Seating — The unit must have seating for an operator to push the emergency stop button while on a rail line.
  • Power — The basic unit comes with battery power for four hours of hot water and six hours of lighting. You can upgrade to an ‘Air’ efficient diesel generator and/or roof solar panels.
  • Kitchenette — Complete with storage, kettle, sink, and a microwave — for workers to prepare hot food and drinks.
  • Toilets — Male and female toilets with an 80-litre waste tank. Separate doors to each toilet, with enough space to change clothing.
  • Table and Seating — A dining table with comfortable seating for six.
  • Windows and Ventilation — Windows in the dining area, with good ventilation in the toilets.
  • Heating — All areas have heating. Air-conditioning is also an option.
  • Connectivity — Other options include installing and providing 4G internet access to all workers.

EasyRail — SafeTea Trolley

For projects that need the team to be on the move, SafeTea Trolley can keep up with the crew and offer refreshments. This is a rail compatible unit, lightweight enough for a single person to push along the track.

SafeTea Trolley has a 2, 3, or 5-gallon water tank. The unit comes with a 4-kilowatt petrol generator to heat its 20-litre hot water tank for drinks. There is also space to install a chiller.

Contact Us

We have a range of solutions for rail and other construction projects. Our Ecosmart units range from 12-foot canteens to 20 feet housing and welfare facilities. Other units include stand-alone canteens, toilets, office spaces, and sleeping quarters.

EasyCabin’s rail units uphold the latest labour and environmental laws. We have a team ready to help with your queries and to develop any bespoke welfare requests you may have.

If you would like to know more about complying with welfare regulations on your worksite, contact us here!

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