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Upgrading Your Site Welfare Unit

Upgrading Your Site Welfare Unit

Tailoring Your Site Welfare Unit To Your Project

Here at EasyCabin, we know that a site welfare unit can offer a lot of convenience for a variety of projects. Welfare units come with a range of features that can help operations run smoothly throughout the working day. With facilities suitable for remote locations, upgrading your welfare unit can only add more practical solutions. As welfare units are versatile, there are multiple convenient upgrade options that will be suitable for your work site. We’ve put together some information on how upgrading your site welfare unit can be beneficial to your business operations and why you should consider upgrading yours today.

Eye Site & Night Light

We make it possible to include extra security to you if you’d like that added peace of mind. Our Eye Site security cameras provide a 360 view of the cabin’s surroundings. It also records daytime and nighttime activity for up to 30 days. Our Night Light package includes 1 to 4 LED sensor lights with integrated movement and light sensors. Upgrading your security measures to include these features helps to deter thieves and protect any important equipment or belongings that are being stored in the site welfare unit, day or night. For that extra peace of mind, consider the Eye Site and Night Light upgrades.

Cool Pack

Adding a Cool Pack, or air conditioning unit, to your welfare cabin can give your workers a place to cool down during the summer or warm up during the winter. Our Cool Pack upgrade is an integrated roof mounted air conditioning unit that provides both hot and cold air. A site welfare unit offers workers a place to seek shelter if there are adverse weather conditions and gives them a comfortable area to take frequent breaks when needed.

Coms Pack

Our Coms Pack upgrade includes an integrated 4g router with WiFi access. This makes it easier for any admin work to be done on site and could increase productivity. This could be a temporary site office space to complete any administrative tasks as welfare units are often required for remote locations, so WiFi access could be hard to come by without this upgrade. 

Not only does a site welfare unit offer a base for overseeing the project and ensuring that everything runs smoothly, with our Coms Pack upgrade there is a space for all paperwork to be completed and any other admin duties.

Sustainable Options

Here at EasyCabin, we continually seek to provide sustainable options and always comply with the requirements of environmental legislation. This is why we’re also able to provide other sustainable upgrade options such ‘Air’ Diesel Heating. ‘Air’ Diesel Heating saves energy compared to our standard heating. It reduces carbon emission and is a quieter option. 

Another sustainable upgrade option we provide is solar panels, which are integrated and roof mounted. These solar panels keep your batteries topped up and generator use to a minimum. We also offer an upgrade called ‘Silent Site’ which uses only the batteries at night.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Site Welfare Unit?

A welfare unit can offer many perks to your work site. All welfare units come with tailored solutions to suit you and the exact project at hand. Whether you need added welfare facilities for your construction site project, rail work or an event, there are upgrade options that will be convenient for you. A site welfare unit can offer practicality to your work site and help work continue productively.

Upgrading your welfare unit can mean choosing security upgrades that give you peace of mind when storing your belongings or valuables inside. Alternatively, upgrading your welfare unit can mean having a convenient temporary office space and extra facilities to complete administrative tasks on any construction site. All of our upgrade facilities can be tailored to you and your project.

To learn more about all of the available upgrade options for our site welfare units, click here.

Choose EasyCabin Today

Here at EasyCabin, we are thoroughly committed to the environment. Our Ecosmart welfare units are both comfortable and sustainable. Not only are they available in a variety of sizes, they also come with all of the upgrade options listed above.

If you’d like to learn more about our site welfare units or want to upgrade your existing unit, please get in touch with our friendly team today. Call us now on 01582 310894




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