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The changing demands of construction site welfare units throughout the seasons

construction site welfare units

The changing demands of construction site welfare units throughout the seasons

The importance of welfare facilities on construction sites

Welfare facilities are a legal requirement for a diversity of outdoor work sites. These sites span rail work, general construction projects, outdoor events, infrastructure installations, and a great number of other applications. At the very least, construction site welfare units are designed to provide basic amenities for hygiene, shelter, and rest.

Regardless of industry, all workers must be guaranteed a place at work to take shelter from the weather, somewhere to sit and eat in comfort, adequate toilet, and washing facilities, and a place to store clothing and personal belongings, as well as a place to get changed and somewhere to dry wet clothing.

The provision of welfare units that cater to these basic needs may seem far from revolutionary, however providing these facilities has a deep impact on worker comfort and, inevitably, on employee productivity.

From the very basic premise that providing shelter from bad weather reduces site accidents and worker sick leave, improved site welfare units also improve worker performance by providing a place, not only to rest better but in some cases a place to work effectively.

Types of welfare units

Construction site welfare units are categorised in accordance to their function and to the number of people they accommodate. Although some projects may require bespoke units to be fitted out for particular tasks, the most common types of welfare units are:

  • Toilet Units: These units are available in a number of different configurations, from single toilet cubicle units with handwashing facilities to large multi-cubicle layouts. Some designs include urinals or sink areas with mirrors.
  • Canteen Units: These welfare cabins typically include a small kitchen area with facilities for making hot drinks and a microwave oven. They also include seating with backrests and tables.
  • Sleeper Units: Sleeper units are designed for remote job sites and should provide as much comfort as possible. Depending on the layout and the number of users, sleeper units will include beds, toilet and shower facilities, storage space for clothes and personal effects, and possibly a desk area. These units should also include plug sockets and a power source for charging phones or other devices and must also provide appropriate heating or temperature control devices.
  • Office Units: Office units are designed to create a practical workspace. Depending on the function, these units can be used as meeting rooms or as offices with desk space for one or more workers.
  • Mixed Units: Mixed units usually provide canteen facilities and a small work area as well as a toilet cubicle and a drying room for wet clothing.


Site welfare considerations in different seasons:

Aside from the number of workers on each site or project, there are other factors that will influence the types of welfare facilities needed for each site. Remote sites or intense shift work may require workers to sleep close to the work site. Other special needs may have to be taken into account such as those of workers with certain disabilities, or those of pregnant or breastfeeding women. These groups require specific provisions to be made. Sites located at different parts of the country may have very different climatic conditions, and weather can have a huge impact on site welfare provisions.

There are also some particularities of working throughout the different seasons that should be taken into account, as some of these may hinder you but some may work in your favour. The following seasonal concerns should be taken into consideration when planning construction site welfare:


In winter the main protagonists are the cold and the dark. Adequate heating and lighting are key at this time of year. Some welfare cabins are fitted with improved insulation and energy-efficient heating systems. Hot and cold water is also a necessity at this time of year. Additionally, some welfare cabins can be upgraded with additional site lighting and security cameras: an extremely useful feature for the dark winter months.


Although the UK is notoriously rainy at the best of times, Spring showers can make for a particularly wet and muddy site. Perhaps the most important consideration at this time of year is to ensure that there is plenty of clothes drying space available, as well as changing rooms for staff to change out of wet clothes. Muddy floors may be an issue, so ensure that cleaning services are frequent enough to keep this under control.


Recent records would seem to suggest that summers are getting hotter. Welfare cabin manufacturers are increasingly asked to provide integrated air conditioning units into office, canteen, and sleeper cabins. This is an important aspect of summer construction site welfare.

On a positive note, those long summer days provide a great deal of natural daylight, which can be harnessed to provide energy to the site, reducing carbon emissions and lowering energy costs. Revolutionary products such as Easy Cabin’s Solar Pod can help harness the sun’s energy for use onsite, while Solar Tower Pod Floodlights provide an extremely useful application of this technology.


This season is marked by the transition to shorter daylight hours and a move towards colder weather. This is perhaps the season where companies need to accommodate the possibility of occasional hot days as well as very cold days. Combined heating and cooling systems come into their own at this time of year. The added danger of slips and falls caused by fallen leaves or by the first frosts of the year can be averted with the addition of movement-sensitive lighting, available as the Night Light upgrade with Easy Cabin.

Construction site welfare for all seasons

No matter the weather, no matter the season, EasyCabin offers a wide range of welfare solutions for all types of sites. With a reputation for excellent quality in construction and innovative ecological solutions, can provide bespoke welfare units for all types of applications, including rail.

For more information on EasyCabin’s range of units or to discuss bespoke builds for your project, get in touch today on 01582 310692.

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