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The Benefits Of Temporary Office Space On Your Construction Site

The Benefits Of Temporary Office Space On Your Construction Site

Why You Should Consider A Site Mobile Office Unit

Having a temporary office space on your construction site can make a lot of tasks easier to manage. Construction site projects tend to go on for weeks or even months. As these projects take up a lot of time, temporary office space can help ensure that operations can run as smoothly as possible. At EasyCabin, we have a selection of mobile office units, all of which will provide a comfortable and safe environment for your construction workers. We’ve put together a list of reasons you should consider a site office unit.

A Private Space For Work

Having a secure environment to speak to clients or staff in can make communication on site a lot easier. If there are any client calls that need to be taken or you need to speak to a staff member alone, a mobile office unit can be a private environment to do so. Mobile office units are a good place to work privately without too much noise from the outside seeping in, either. Any office work that needs to be done or any paperwork that needs to be filled in can be concentrated on within a mobile office unit, as they are an easy way to complete work on the go, without being too far from site. It means you’ll never have to travel from site, to an office, back to a site ever again.

Safe & Secure

According to The Chartered Institute of Building, ‘It is estimated that the construction industry suffers a loss of more than £400 million a year due to vandalism and theft.’ We are proud to offer multiple security options for our mobile office units. Operators and employees will require a safe space to store their belongings whilst they complete work. Mobile office units are a good place to store any belongings and important documents as they are made to be highly secure. At EasyCabin, our mobile office units are anti-vandal units with the option of an added ‘Nightlight.’ The Nightlight upgrade is a lighting system which can be fitted into any mobile office unit and can help to deter vandals and thieves. Read more about the Nightlight here.

Flexible & Convenient Design

At EasyCabin, our mobile office units are flexible and can be tailored to you and the requirements of your construction site. With three separate sizing options, fitting 4 to 10 people, our units are bound to suit your needs. With permanent office units, there isn’t as much flexibility in design, and making alterations could become a bit of an inconvenience. However, with mobile office units, the fairly simple design makes alterations easily possible.

Reducing Construction Waste

Mobile office units don’t create much waste because they are built to exact requirements. Engineers will begin planning out exactly how much material they will be using before construction of the office units even begins. Choosing a sustainable company like EasyCabin that considers the environment in everything they do can also be beneficial. We are a member of the Green Organisation and are committed to minimising our environmental impact wherever possible throughout our products and services.

Diverse Use

Just because you are investing in a site office solely for the purpose of office work, doesn’t mean they can only be used for that. Temporary office units are able to be used not only for office space, but as a space for operators to take a break from working or to unwind. It’s also possible for these units to come with air conditioning, so perhaps the office space can be a place for operators to cool down over the summer. It could even just be a place for team meetings to be held. A mobile office unit is not just for paperwork and it can meet the needs of every construction site.

High Quality

Site offices have to meet all health and safety regulations to enable safe usage of the units. Due to meeting this standard, mobile offices are built using high-quality materials. Our mobile site office units offer a safe and dry environment for all construction workers and are built to the highest of standards, proving to be sustainable and durable every time. With secure locks and a carbon monoxide detector, you can trust you will be safe with one of our mobile office units.

Choose EasyCabin

At EasyCabin, we are proud of our mobile site office units and know that they will meet your every need, along with every health and safety regulation. A comfortable place to carry out office work on your construction site, our mobile office units are a safe and secure option.

If you’d like to learn more about our mobile site office units and how they can add convenience to your construction site, give our friendly team a call today on 01582 310706. Our team will be more than happy to assist you.

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