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The New EasyCab. Mobile, Self-Contained, Hygienic Welfare Facilities

The New EasyCab. Mobile, Self-Contained, Hygienic Welfare Facilities

We have launched a self-contained and environmentally sound mobile welfare unit – entitled the EasyCab.

The EasyCab is a genuinely mobile, complete welfare unit, totally compliant with the Health and Safety at Work Act for Welfare regulations, providing all the necessary welfare facilities for either seven or eight individuals. The EasyCab is also fully N1 ECWTA (7 seats) and M1 ECWTA (8 seats) Type Approved.

Built into the latest Mercedes Sprinter van, the EasyCab features a roomy, fully flushing, easy clean WC with an isolated, easy to empty, cassette tank. Comfort is guaranteed from an Eberspacher blown air heating  and safe lighting is provided via LED light with PIR  There are on-board washing and microwave cooking facilities, with an ample storage area. The unit is fitted with energy saving external LED spotlight, with an easy-to-operate control panel for managing the lighting, heating, water usage and microwave.

The EasyCab is simply driven to the site and made instantly ready for use without any onerous installation procedures.

Because of the EasyCab’s simplicity to manoeuvre into remote areas and with its modern welfare facilities, the EasyCab is particularly suited to service all types of outside workers from construction to rail maintenance teams. Up to eight operatives can be safely driven to their work area secure in the knowledge that all their welfare requirements are contained within the vehicle. Any person qualified to drive a vehicle up to 3500kg can drive an EasyCab and all users will appreciate the easy access to the welfare facilities. A series of options are available including; sign writing or a complete bespoke layout.

The EasyCab should not be confused with an adapted crew bus,  this advanced unit has been individually designed and manufactured to provide up-market, high-quality services for modern day site workers.

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