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How Welfare Units Can Improve Employee Productivity

How Welfare Units Can Improve Employee Productivity

Welfare units offer employees more than hygienic and comfortable working environments. Businesses need to keep their skilled labour happy if they want low absenteeism and amplified productivity. Welfare units are a place to regain composure, freshen up, and act as a venue for workers to talk.

The Negative Impact of Poor Worker Welfare

Dim and dirty welfare facilities can result in many negatives for your business. Poor lighting does nothing for a worker that has spent most of their night on a muddy construction site. The lack of a clean toilet and a warm place to eat and sit is going to increase the amount of sick leave taken.

Older style welfare units tend to use strong chemicals to hide the smell of open toilets, which do not prevent diseases from spreading. Poor hygiene is the most efficient way for a virus to travel around a workforce— taking everyone off the job and leading to weeks of disruption.

Improve the Mood of Your Site

Mental welfare is as important as the physical wellbeing of a worker — they are symbiotic. Working on a construction site at night and even during the day can be lonesome. Tasks that demand a worker to have total focus give little time for the kinds of discussions that can cement a team together.

Workers need a venue where they can meet during breaks, for refreshments and food. They need an area with heating, seating, and a roof to protect them from the elements. But workers also need space and a table where they can eat in comfort.

Anything that a business can do to lower the stress levels of their workers will help everyone. Low stress means lower accident rates, better health and a stronger team. Accidents take workers off of sites and out of action — these cost businesses in compensation and in reducing onsite skills.

Studies show that rest and a cheerful outlook will boost a worker’s productivity — and create a loyal workforce. A worker that feels like their employer is looking after them will try to perform their job to their best abilities.

Solutions for a More Productive Workplace

Easy Cabin offers a range of solutions for all industries like rail, infrastructure, events, and plant hire. Easy Cabin uses high-end materials and the latest techniques to create welfare units that exceed the needs of the law and your workers.


Toilet facilities have flush toilets with secure doors, ventilation, and hot and cold running water. These toilets are well lit and come with strong and large waste tanks to help protect the environment and the integrity of the site’s sanitation.

Mobile hygiene configurations: –

  • Urinals — For large events with up to 16 waterless troughs per unit and waterless hand wash dispensers.
  • Toilets — Single pods for small worksites to large luxury toilets for corporate events.
  • Showers — Units with private rooms for showering and changing in.
  • BathroomsComplete toilet systems with showers and changing rooms.

Canteen + Toilets

Easy Cabin knows that workers need to eat — so we also have a range of combination toilet and canteen welfare units. The hygiene is to the same high standard across our products. Canteens include modern kitchenettes, seating and dining tables for workers to prepare meals and eat in.

Canteens have heating, ventilation and supply clean drinking water to their occupants. The canteen range comes on static platforms, trailers, lorries, and even rail tracks. Our larger models even make room for office space and storage areas.


Workers far from home will want quiet and clean accommodation to sleep in. You want your worker to have a space of their own, where they can contact family, have showers, and sleep and eat in peace.

Easy Cabin’s line of static accommodation has Wi-Fi, entertainment, kitchens, bathrooms and beds. All units are stackable and can run off Easy Cabins bespoke power generation technologies.

Award Your Workers

Easy Cabin goes beyond the basic needs of the law and aims to give something back to your workers and the environment. Easy Cabin is a titleholder of many honours, including a Gold Green Apple Award for our line of low and zero-emission cabins.

Easy Cabin is your solution to reducing accidents, sicknesses and the low morale of your workers.

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