How To Make Your Welfare Unit More Environmentally Friendly
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How to make your welfare unit more environmentally friendly

solar powered welfare facilities

How to make your welfare unit more environmentally friendly

Here at EasyCabin, we are known within the industry for our welfare facilities and temporary accommodation units which are commonly used in events, construction, plant hire and utility sectors. With increasing pressure for the construction industry to become greener, regulations have been put in place to ensure that companies comply with the required standards. EasyCabin is known to manufacture one of the greenest welfare units for the construction industry. We were incredibly proud to have won the Green Apple environment awards for our Ecosmart range of units in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Not only are we a member of the Green Organisation and a Green Apple ambassador that helps other companies become more environmentally friendly, but we are also the Green Champion Award winner for Environmental Best Practice. Let’s explore our tips on how to make your welfare unit more environmentally friendly below. 

Creating a greener site with our welfare cabins 

The benefits that come with protecting our environment are limitless and that is why here at EasyCabin we work hard to develop products that produce zero emissions. Our team are busy designing, building and testing new concepts of site welfare facilities ready to meet future demands in the reduction of carbon. Here at EasyCabin, we have taken the opportunity to make our environment greener with the development of various welfare facilities that come in different levels and options.

For sites that currently are without a welfare facility, then we would recommend making use of the opportunity by installing one of our already environmentally-friendly options. From solar-powered to hybrid options, you can benefit from increased carbon efficiency and also happier workers due to the state of the art interiors and facilities. 

Ecosmart ZERO welfare unit. Through the use of modern technology, we have been able to eliminate carbon emissions by combining solar panels with a backup hydrogen fuel cell. For any welfare facilities on construction sites, they must have low eco welfare units to ensure that they comply with regulations and have minimal carbon impact. 

The solar-powered toilet units. The solar toilet pod combines an efficient LPG gas boiler with solar power creating a hybrid toilet system. The hot water supply, hand washing sink and waste tank are all packaged neatly inside a steel unit. These toilets are up to 96% carbon-efficient and can be a great addition to any site.

Other products that work alongside the solar/hybrid welfare units and facilities

We have a great range of carefully designed products that can help to make your existing welfare units more environmentally friendly and help to minimise those fuel costs. From solar pods to solar lights, we have the green solutions you have been looking for. Let’s discuss our different options below. 

Solar pod: The solar pod harvests solar energy and provides free power to your site welfare facilities. They help to protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions and fuel costs that arise from power provision. Designed specifically to be user friendly, all you need to do is switch it on and reap the benefits. Depending on your site needs you can choose from the three model options and our experts can help you to determine which solar pod is best suited to the demands of your building site welfare units. Solar pods are beneficial to your site in that they will maximise power supply in your site, help you save money, reduce noise and lower local emissions.

Solar smart: Our solar smart systems offer a hassle-free way for you to integrate solar power to your existing power supply. Unlike some solar systems, this does not require large upfront costs and help to dramatically reduce your fuel costs and emissions. The system transforms DC to AC and is used in welfare facilities on construction sites since it can scale-up and grow with your power needs. The solar smart panels give you the ability to add solar panels to any space on your site to meet your power demands without the need to have complicated electronics involved.

Solar smart site: Designed specifically to work with various sources of power, our smart site is quick and easy to install. Using the solar smart system will help to reduce harmful local emissions, save you money associated with diesel and reduce the reliance on the national grid. Excess solar power can be stored safely within the system, ready to be used in the future when you need it. 

Solar light zero: This is a fully automatic operation that during daytime hours it collects solar energy and stores them in batteries. At night the powerful LED of the solar light zero auto activates and detects movements within 10m of the light. When no movement is detected the light level drops to normal street light levels. The solar light zero is used to enhance security in your site while it reduces fuel costs and harmful emissions. It is also fully self-sufficient and no power cable is required, making it super easy to install.

If you are looking for welfare facilities that are of high quality and environmental friendly EasyCabin has the products for you. Our experts will offer the best advice and guidance to make sure that you get what you deserve and that is nothing short other than excellent service. EasyCabin products will ensure you get the environmental benefits as well as keep your environment greener. Get in touch with our customer care team to know more about our services.

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