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With thefts a common occurrence on construction sites, our latest blogs discuss how our mobile storage units can prevent incidences occurring. More here.
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How Secure Are Our Mobile Storage Units?

welfare unit for railways

How Secure Are Our Mobile Storage Units?

The unfortunate truth is that there is nothing new about theft. If you have something nice, there is a good chance that someone is looking to relieve you of it. Thieves love to see expensive tools and equipment lying around your construction site.

Security services are costly for small operations, and they may still not be enough of a deterrent to prevent theft. To stay competitive and to keep losses down, you should have secure storage for everything of value on your site.

Losses in the Construction Industry

The tools for professional tradesmen can cost many thousands of pounds. The same goes for construction materials such as high-end tiles and fixtures. Tools and materials are hard to track and easy to trade on the black market, and in the meantime, work is on hold until you can find a way to replace everything.


Estimates for 2020 put avoidable losses to construction sites at over £800 million. On average, over 90% of UK construction firms experience an annual theft, with over 20% having theft every week. Any form of insurance claim will also result in higher premiums going forward.

Other Losses

Theft is a part of the problem, but a shocking statistic is that vandalism and health and safety are big factors for lost revenue. Some teenagers find construction sites fascinating and love the sound of breaking ceramics.

A clutter of materials and tools is an accident waiting to happen, and if an accident does happen, it costs you money. Accidents reduce your workforce, slowing production. Insurance costs will also increase if your provider sees a hazardous site.

Possible Solutions

A simple solution is to move everything to a central area with fencing, though thieves can still climb over them. A better solution is to provide lockable storage areas. Storage lockers give you in-built security for your site’s expensive tools and equipment.

The WorkStore Range

The increasing need for mobile secure storage is the reason behind EasyCabin creating the WorkStore. The WorkStore is a mobile workshop with electrical points, lighting, and a fast way to secure your gear. The WorkStore comes in three lengths, from 12 to 20 feet, each with ample space to stand up and work in.

The WorkStore has everything covered:

  • Power Sockets and Lighting
  • Anti-Theft Locks
  • Anti-Vandalism Hydraulics
  • Work Benches and Shelving


There are several 240-volt electrical points throughout the unit. These wall-sockets run off either an optional built-in generator or the site’s mains supply. Either power source can connect through the external Plug-n-Play socket. There is waterproof LED lighting within and on the exterior of the unit. Meaning that the lights can stay on all day and night, for extra security and safety.


You can secure everything away with ease and confidence. The WorkStore comes on a solid galvanised steel trailer, with galvanised steel on the unit’s exterior. The double front anti-jemmy doors secure with a solid 3-point front door deadlock and security hinges.


Vandals may want to take a storage unit on a trailer to a remote location or attempt to prop it up to remove the wheels. WorkStore units are on manual hydraulic trailers, which can lower the entire unit over the wheels and down to the ground. Once the unit is down, it is near impossible for a vandal to move or jack up again.


Each unit can support the weight of tools, materials, and other equipment up to 2,000Kg. WorkStore layouts include a workbench, extensive shelving, and storage areas. Units also come with hanging space and racks for tools. The strong plywood walls are also easy to attach extra racks for hand tools or cables.

Securing With EasyCabin

EasyCabin makes a point of building strong and practical units, with quality being their key focus. Units are available as stock designs, and our clients are welcome to ask for a bespoke unit. EasyCabin builds units for all situations and construction sites.

EasyCabin builds for rail, events, plant hire, the utility sector, and more. We make a range of storage solutions, welfare units, and temporary accommodations. EasyCabin is one of the greenest welfare manufacturers in the industry, building for a greener world. For any questions, queries, or urgent requests — contact us!

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