Green Apple Award winners – x3 for 2022
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Green Apple Award winners – x3 for 2022

Green Apple Award winners – x3 for 2022

Green Apple Award winners – x3 for 2022

Fuel/Power/Energy Reduction
NHS Carbon Reduction
Engineering Manufacturing Innovation

All 3 awards are for our Ecostatic SolarMAX
Combined Welfare & off-grid power. Maximum Solar. Huge fuel savings.

The Ecostatic SolarMAX is used to power off-grid temporary sites and includes welfare facilities, kitchen, canteen, toilets, office space, drying room & storage.

The Ecostatic SolarMAX was used on 7x sites, Each site is powered by 1x Ecostatic SolarMAX which supplies welfare facilities and power generation contained in 1 unit. Each unit powers itself and a large mobile health-screening unit. All power primarily from Solar+ Batteries. The backup HVO generator only powers up occasionally to help with demand.
Pluged into the SolarMAX is a large purpose built, articulated trailer with climate control, diagnostic equipment, lighting and computer networks.

The Ecostatic SolarMAX units replace 45-55kVA generators which would run 24/7 to keep all systems running on the site.

Across all 7 sites combined / 1 Month timeframe, June 2022:

Power used: 7012 KWh
Silent running: 3747 hours (power from Solar + Batteries only)
Fuel Saved: 8593 Litres / £12,889 @ £1.50 per litre
CO2 Saved: 23.7 Tons

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