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Benefits of Our EasyCab Eco Lorry

Benefits of Our EasyCab Eco Lorry

Eco-lorries work on the economy of scale — where doing more with a single lorry is more efficient than using many vehicles. Welfare units are legal requirements, so why not use a lorry that has space for everything. With an eco-lorry, you can transport tools, workers, and materials on the same vehicle that carries your welfare facilities.


There is a real push to create low-carbon emission lorries and to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Noise and air pollution will always be a part of running a diesel engine. The costs of fuel and maintaining lorries are also increasing, so it makes sense to make the most of each vehicle.

Lorries are still one of the best ways of transporting goods and equipment, unlike trains, as they can go from door to door. Many lorries have space for many workers and their tools. But it is also possible to make more of a single lorry by engineering it to contain a canteen, a flushable toilet, and spaces for workers to sit and relax.

Eco Lorry Mobile Welfare Unit

The first creation in the EasyCab range was for the rail industry, meaning it had to be robust and self-sustaining. The EasyCab 3 Eco Lorry combines the legal obligations for a welfare unit and includes space to bring tools and supplies.

The EasyCab Eco Lorry’s main cabin has seating for six, including the driver in the front. There is also space for rest and refreshments in the welfare unit at the rear.


The toilets meet all the latest HSE sanitation requirements for a worksite. With-in the welfare space is a separate and private washroom — complete with a ceramic flushing toilet. The EasyCab 3 has a dedicated 180-litre waste tank with an external drain port.


EasyCab canteens enable workers to sit and eat in warmth and comfort. The canteen has ample room for storing food and drinks — kettles are standard. The canteen’s water-tight floor is also easy and simple to clean.

EasyCab’s canteen is HSE compliant, meaning that it has fresh hot and cold running water and the necessary soap and towel dispensers to wash hands. A 125-litre under-seat cold water tank goes through an on-demand heater, providing continuous hot water for the canteen.


Even with the welfare area, the EasyCab 3 still has a huge storage area with rear loading roller shutter access. This storage area is lit and is complete with side load restraint rails and an aluminium bulkhead. A 500-kilogram rated tail lift makes loading heavy materials and equipment far easier for small crews.


PIR lighting on the outside helps to deter vandals and looters from trying to access the vehicle at night. Strong roller shutters and secure locks deter criminals, while a fold-out step makes it easy for the crew to get in and out during work hours.


A 1-kilowatt inverter converts DC from the engine into safe and consistent AC in the welfare area. Power stores up in each of the three 150-amp AGM batteries in the unit. On-demand, the power from the batteries powers the lights and the 12-volt and 240-volt wall sockets in the unit and the storage bay.

All EasyCabin welfare units work with their line of hybrid and zero-emission generators. Solar Smart reduces the engine time of a generator and provides limitless energy to chargers and the welfare unit throughout the day.


Each EasyCab comes with automatic LED lighting inside the canteen and the toilet. The storage areas and exteriors are also LED-lit. So, everything is well-lit throughout the cabin, helping to lighten the mood on those dark nightshifts.


To reduce the strain on the batteries and the generator, EasyCabin uses its ‘Air’ diesel heating system to heat the air and water in the cabin. ‘Air’ diesel heating offers up to 78% superior fuel economy overusing generators. ‘Air’ also gives off more heat, heats up faster, and even continues to produce heat when turned off.

Truck Options

The standard truck base for the Eco Lorry is both efficient and capable, though bespoke welfare and storage layouts are also possible. It is also a common request to repurpose an existing lorry, installing the configuration to lorries a client may have in storage.

EasyCab 4

Companies with larger crews may find the EasyCab 4 a better option. This Eco Lorry has enough facilities to provide for 10 workers, with less space for storage, but more space for hygiene and rest. The EasyCab 4 also has a dedicated room for changing in and out of work clothes.


EasyCabin takes great pride in building welfare units that benefit your staff and help the environment. EasyCabin has won many awards for welfare unit innovations and mobile zero-carbon technologies.

If you want to learn more about EasyCabin’s Eco Lorry and its success with zero-carbon solutions, contact us today!

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