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360 Service – Feedback !

360 Service – Feedback !

‘Your product is absolutely brilliant, you are the market leaders, the Rolls Royce of welfare units’

Thank you team AJC EasyCabin AJC Power Solutions for all your committed focus and hard work 🤩

Effective feedback, both positive and negative, is very helpful. Feedback is valuable information that will be use to make important decisions.

Our 360 vision relies on feedback, for us to improve in the right direction

‘Goods Collection and training/explanation – VERY SLICK this lady is the back bone of your business – Phenomenally Excellent’

’Great team, won’t look anywhere else for future welfare cabins. Thanks you for taking the stress out of such a big purchase’

‘Always very helpful and will provide you with detail that you can show the customer, the demo village is a brilliant idea’

‘Technical support and Service first class – BRILLIANT’

‘Parts Team – quick and efficient – EXCELLENT’

‘Whenever I enquire about any part, someone from your team always replies rapidly and they are always very happy to support our needs. I also find that they are very knowledgeable with the products you sell and very happy to help out when we are struggling with something’

‘Marketing – is good – keeping us up to date with the latest products’


Let us know your experience with us. 




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